2×3 Firewood Shed Plan

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  • Ideal for storing up to 0.15 cord
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If you rely on firewood for heating or cooking, having a reliable woodshed is essential. Our 2 x 3 firewood shed combines durability and functionality to provide the perfect solution for storing and protecting your firewood.

Designed to maximize space efficiency, this shed can hold up to 0.15 cords of firewood without compromising its structural integrity. The reinforced platform ensures that your firewood stays securely in place, even when the shed is filled to capacity. This makes it an ideal choice for homeowners who only need to store enough firewood for their winter fireplace needs.

The shed is specifically designed with firewood seasoning in mind. The wooden sides and open front wall allow for optimal exposure to light and air, creating the perfect conditions for drying your firewood. This ensures that your firewood is always ready to burn efficiently.

In addition to firewood storage, this shed can also be used to keep your gardening tools organized and protected throughout the year. With its sturdy construction, you can trust that your tools will remain in good condition, no matter the weather.

The shed features a lean-to roof design, allowing water to easily run off and protect your firewood from moisture. For added protection against the elements, you have the option to paint or stain the wooden siding walls.

Invest in our 2 x 3 firewood shed and enjoy the convenience of having dry and organized firewood at your fingertips, while also keeping your gardening tools in top shape.

Additional information

Cost $17-$24 per square foot
Size 2×3
Dimensions 2' W x 3' L x 6' 7" H
Roof Lean-to
Interior materials Plywood sheathing
Exterior materials Plywood sheathing, wood siding boards, asphalt shingles
Dificulty Easy
GTIN 748322987790