12×24 Gable garden shed plan

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If you have a large garden and are constantly active throughout the year, a spacious garden shed is a necessity. Look no further than this 12×24 gable garden shed, designed to meet all your storage needs for garden tools. With a generous 288 square feet of floor space, you’ll have more than enough room to accommodate your large garden and lawn tools. From lawn mowers and ATVs to wheelbarrows, power tools, rototillers, and even liquid and granular fertilizers, this shed can handle it all.

To maximize the shed’s capacity, you have the option to add drawers and pegboards, allowing for efficient organization and storage.

The gable roof design ensures that the shed remains weather-tight, allowing water to run off and away. This guarantees that your valuable belongings will stay in pristine condition for as long as they remain in the shed.

With a double 64-inch wide door, you’ll have no trouble moving items in and out of the shed. Additionally, the attached ramp makes it effortless to transport large, heavy, wheeled tools.

But this garden shed offers more than just storage space. It can also serve as a versatile space for various purposes. Whether you need a home office, a playhouse, a workshop, or even a tiny house, this shed can accommodate your needs. The inclusion of two 40-inch-sided square windows allows natural light to flood the interior, creating a cozy atmosphere.

For those who value aesthetics, you have the freedom to finish the shed to your liking, ensuring it complements your garden’s overall appearance.

Invest in this exceptional garden shed and enjoy the convenience, functionality, and versatility it brings to your outdoor space.

Additional information

Cost $17-$24 per square foot
Size 12×24
Dimensions 12' W x 24' L x 11'-6" H
Roof Gable
Interior materials Plywood sheathing
Exterior materials Plywood sheathing, clapboard siding, asphalt shingles
GTIN 669168943422