10×16 Storage shed plan

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Transform your disorganized backyard into a visually appealing space with our 10×16 storage outbuilding. With a generous 160 square feet of floor space, this unit provides ample room to store your lawn care equipment, tools, bikes, sports gear, outdoor furniture, and more. The ultra-wide door allows for easy and quick access to all your belongings.

Built with performance and durability in mind, this shed is constructed using pressure-treated boards and sits on a reinforced foundation. Gable vents have been strategically placed to maintain a comfortable interior and prevent moisture buildup, ensuring that your items remain in pristine condition throughout the year.

We have paid great attention to detail in every aspect of this shed, offering versatility and flexibility. Whether you need a workshop, home office, tiny house, pub, massage office, studio, pet shelter, or hobby space, this shed can be easily furnished to meet your specific needs.

Not only does this shed provide a dry and secure storage solution, but it also adds interest to your backyard. The wooden siding walls can be painted to match your other outbuildings, creating a cohesive and attractive outdoor space.

Upgrade your curb appeal and declutter your yard with our exceptional shed. It’s the perfect solution for homeowners seeking a stylish and functional storage option.

Additional information

Cost $17-$24 per square foot
Size 10×16
Dimensions 10' W x 16'-1 1/2" L x 11'-6" H
Roof Gable
Interior materials Plywood sheathing
Exterior materials Plywood sheathing, clapboard siding, asphalt shingles
GTIN 669168943132