3×5 Small Chicken Coop & Run Plans For 6 Chickens

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  • Imperial units
  • Sustainable Design
  • Spacious Run for Active Health
  • Predator Resistant
  • Optimal Comfort and Health
  • Enhanced Egg Production
  • Safe Sunlight Exposure
  • Beginner-Friendly Instructions
  • Material Efficiency and Economy
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Durable and Weatherproof Construction
  • 30-days money back


The art of chicken keeping should be straightforward and hassle-free, which is exactly what this compact 3×5 chicken coop offers. Perfectly sized for urban backyards or small garden spaces, this 15-square-foot coop comfortably houses up to 6 chickens, preventing overcrowding and promoting a healthy living environment.

This coop is designed with longevity in mind, utilizing pressure-treated wood. The facade of the coop is equipped with dual-hinged doors that swing open widely, ensuring that you have unobstructed access to feeding, cleaning, and interacting with your chickens. Directly beneath these doors is an externally accessible litter tray designed for quick and easy waste removal.

To the rear, a cleverly situated nesting box features a small, convenient door that simplifies the daily routine of egg collection. On the coop’s left side, a window not only brings in natural light but also aids in ventilating the space, providing the chickens with a fresh and airy habitat.

The interior hutch, measuring 2 feet 3 inches by 2 feet 9 inches, allocates the remainder of the space to a secure run. This additional area includes a door and serves as an open yet sheltered environment for the chickens to enjoy during daylight hours while they can retreat to the safety of the hutch as dusk falls. As the run is open to the sky, vigilance is necessary to safeguard the chickens against inclement weather.

Additional information

GTIN 669168942227
Measurement system Imperial
Dificulty Easy
Length 5
Width 3
Height 4
Chicken capacity 6
Nesting boxes 2
Materials Asphalt shingles, Foam board, Plywood, Wood