7×8 Multi-Level Chicken Coop For 10 Chickens

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  • Imperial units
  • Sustainable Design
  • Spacious Run for Active Health
  • Predator Resistant
  • Optimal Comfort and Health
  • Enhanced Egg Production
  • Safe Sunlight Exposure
  • Beginner-Friendly Instructions
  • Material Efficiency and Economy
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Durable and Weatherproof Construction
  • 30-days money back


When space is limited but your aspirations for keeping chickens are high, a creative approach can be a game-changer. Constructing a distinctive structure can not only maximize your available space but also enhance the overall look of your backyard.

This 7×8 chicken coop stands out with its robust construction and innovative hexagonal design. The entire structure, including the roof, follows a hexagonal pattern, which not only adds architectural interest but also maximizes the internal space, providing a healthier and happier environment for your chickens. The multi-sided design includes perches, enabling your flock to engage in their natural behaviors and satisfy their instincts.

The coop is cleverly divided into two sections: an upper hutch for shelter and a lower part enclosed with wire mesh, acting as a compact run. Each compartment is equipped with its own door, simplifying access for tasks like cleaning and egg collection. Regularly opening these doors can also aid in keeping the coop well-ventilated and dry, especially after floor cleanings.

The run provides a space for your birds to play and feed, allowing you to enjoy watching them in their miniature home. The interior is thoughtfully designed to comfortably house up to 10 chickens.

Additional information

GTIN 669168942128
Measurement system Imperial
Dificulty Medium
Length 8
Width 7
Height 8
Chicken capacity 10
Nesting boxes 3
Materials Asphalt shingles, Plywood, Wood