Mobile Chicken Tractor Plans For 10 Chickens

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  • Imperial units
  • Sustainable Design
  • Flexibility in Location
  • Reduced Feed Costs
  • Enhanced Pasture Rotation
  • Better Pest Control
  • Predator Resistant
  • Optimal Comfort and Health
  • Beginner-Friendly Instructions
  • Material Efficiency and Economy
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Durable and Weatherproof Construction
  • 30-days money back


This charming chicken tractor is designed to fit comfortably in smaller backyards while providing everything your chickens need for a happy and healthy life. Our plans come with clear and concise instructions, including a comprehensive materials list and precise dimensions, so you can build with confidence.

It features a durable, weather-resistant design with an enclosed nesting area for egg-laying, ample ventilation for fresh air, and a secure sleeping space for protection against the elements and predators. The coop also includes a window to let in natural light, and a convenient door for easy cleaning and egg collection. With its efficient use of space and classic aesthetic, this chicken coop will not only be a haven for your chickens but also a charming addition to your garden.

Additional information

GTIN 669168942081
Measurement system Imperial
Dificulty Medium
Length 12
Width 6
Height 5
Chicken capacity 10
Nesting boxes 6
Materials Asphalt shingles, Foam board, Glass, Plywood, Wood