6×8 Lean to storage shed plan

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Finding safe storage space for your tools can be a real challenge, especially if you have a small yard. But fear not, because we have the perfect solution for homeowners with limited space – the 6×8 shed.

With 48 square feet of storage capacity, this shed is ideal for holding all your farm tools, toys, gym supplies, sporting gear, bikes, and more. And the best part? You can customize the interior to fit your specific storage needs. Add drawers, hooks, and shelves to create the perfect organizational system, allowing you to reclaim your garage and use it for its intended purpose.

The shed features double 5′ – 4″ width doors, making it easy for you to walk in and out. Plus, these doors allow plenty of natural light to flood the interior, making it suitable for alternative uses like an office space. To ensure your stored items stay in pristine condition, vents have been installed to regulate humidity and keep everything dry.

But this shed isn’t just for storage – its versatile lean-to-roof design opens up a world of possibilities. Transform it into a golf shed, an art studio, a workshop, or even a playhouse for your kids. The options are endless!

And don’t forget about aesthetics. You can paint the outside of the shed to match your house or other outbuildings, creating a cohesive look for your property. Get creative and add some artistic patterns while you’re at it. Painting toy patterns, for example, can make the shed even more captivating if it’s intended for kids to play in.

So if you’re in need of safe and efficient storage space for your belongings, look no further than this 6×8 shed. It’s the perfect solution for homeowners with small yards, offering versatility, customization, and peace of mind.

Additional information

Cost $17-$24 per square foot
Size 6×8
Dimensions 6'-1 1/2" W x 8'-1 1/2" L x 8'-5 1/2" H
Roof Lean-to
Interior materials Plywood sheathing
Exterior materials Plywood sheathing, clapboard siding, asphalt shingles
GTIN 669168943491