12×16 Gable garden shed plan

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Introducing our 12 x 16 shed, the ultimate storage solution for your backyard. With a generous 192 square feet of storage capacity, this shed provides ample room for all your tools and equipment. From ride-on lawnmowers to wheelbarrows, bicycles to power tools, and everything in between, this shed’s floor space is perfectly designed to accommodate all your landscaping needs.

But this shed isn’t just about storage. It’s about organization and maximizing your storage opportunities. Serious gardeners and hobbyists can take advantage of the loft and shelves, allowing you to keep everything in its place. No more searching for that elusive tool or tripping over cluttered items on the floor. Hang your shovels and rakes from the wall, keeping them easily accessible and visible.

Not only is this shed perfect for storage and organization, but it also offers versatility. Transform it into a workshop, home office setup, studio, or even a tiny house. The 3 feet 1-inch-sided square windows allow natural light to flood in, ensuring you won’t get lost in the clutter and making it a breeze to organize your items. Plus, the gable vent provides optimal ventilation, keeping your shed fresh and airy.

Moving items in and out of this shed is a breeze, thanks to the extra-wide 64-inch door opening. No more struggling to maneuver large equipment or bulky items. With this shed, you’ll have all the space you need to move freely.

Structurally, this shed is built to last. With sturdy wood construction, it can withstand the elements and provide long-lasting durability. And the best part? You can customize the look to match your style. Finish it with any paint or stain to achieve the exact desired look. The gable roof adds a touch of classic elegance, making this shed a beautiful addition to any backyard.

Don’t settle for a cluttered and disorganized backyard. Upgrade to our 12 x 16 shed and experience the ultimate storage and organization solution.

Additional information

Cost $17-$24 per square foot
Size 12×16
Dimensions 12' W x 16'-1 1/2" L x 11'-6" H
Roof Gable
Interior materials Plywood sheathing
Exterior materials Plywood sheathing, clapboard siding, asphalt shingles
GTIN 669168943545